Financial Advice for Job Seekers 9/17

September 17, 2014
5 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Beltway Job Search Partners presents

Financial Advice for Job Seekers: You Are Not Alone

-Mike May, financial planner
-Tom Wartha, realtor
-Will Gaines, mortgage and credit expert
-Tom Butler, CPA
-Clint Brodgen

This goal of this session is to provide a wide range of advice to job seekers on various ways to make their financial resources last them until they get their next job. In essence if you save money it is the same as earning money.

Please Note:

1. All attendees are required to dress as if they are going
to a formal job interview. For men this means a suit.

2. Please bring multiple copies of your resume with you.

cost: free

Register online now

1616 Anderson Rd.
McLean, VA


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