Free webinar: The Best Interview Strategy for Results 11/18

November 18, 2014
12 p.m. – 2 p.m. presents a FREE webinar

The Best Interview Strategy for Results

with Donna Fedor

Interview preparation takes time. You have to know what kind of research to do about the company and the role, and it takes practice so you are clear about what you want to cover in the interview. Bottom line, you must be mentally and physically ready if you want to do well in the interview.

An interview strategy is simply your “game plan” of what you’ll cover in the interview. Your game plan includes the best things you could share about yourself on the interview.

Learn about:

-How to create an effective interview strategy

-How to be a master of building rapport

-Best of you “summary statement”

-Strengths you should share about yourself

-The most powerful questions to ask in the interview

cost: free

Register online now


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