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  1. John Deupree says:

    I hope this blog takes off. It is an easy way for currently active members and formerly active members to share information, questions, and initiate discussions. I am a new member and value interaction with others as the highest priority for my participation in 40 Plus. I run other blogs and know that they rise and fall on the basis of critical mass. Please check this out at least twice a week.

    John Deupree

  2. 40plusdc says:

    Thanks John. We appreciate the support you’ve provided to get this off the ground.

  3. Dorine Andrews says:

    It’s good to see you have started this blog. I left 40Plus almost six years ago after I earned my doctorate at 52. Now, after four years of teaching and two more years as a principal change management consultant, I’m semi-retired writing a novel of my six month sailing adventure twenty years ago. I miss the interaction of working with others and will be back on the job seen soon. Also, back to the east coast soon. Right now, my husband and I are in Memphis — to see what how I’m surviving or not, check out my blog

  4. Nancy Bulger says:

    I saw this new blog site in the making. It’s a feat that will bring us all together and get to know each other and be helpful to each other as well. Congratulations to all who put it together. I will be watching daily and hope to contribute!

  5. Dave says:

    Have there been 100 comments yet?

  6. 40plusdc says:

    No Dave, not yet. Your comment put us at about 22. But you did make a visit that put us over the 1,000 mark for total visits — a good start for the first month.

  7. Andy says:

    I placed a bit of information on the Wikipedia about 40Plus. You can find it by going to and entering 40plus in the box at the left or just click on this link

    It is important that a few people edit the piece so that the people who work monitor wikipedia see that it is an organization of national interest. It is also important to cite as much of what is written in the wiki as possible or the whole entry could be removed.

    So please log on and help edit the 40Plus entry, keeping in mind that it needs to appear unbiased and meet the following other standards of notability:

    Organizations are usually notable if the scope of activities are national or international in scale and information can be verified by sources that are reliable and independent of the organization. In other words, they satisfy the primary criterion above. Other criteria are:

    * Individual chapters of national and international organizations are usually not notable enough to warrant a separate article unless sufficient notability is established through reliable sources. However, chapter information may be included in list articles as long as only verifiable information is included.
    * Organizations whose activities are local in scope are usually not notable unless verifiable information from reliable independent sources can be found.
    * The organization’s longevity, size of membership, or major achievements, or other factors specific to the organization may be considered. This list is not exhaustive and not conclusive.
    o Even though the parent organization may be notable, individual chapters of national and international organizations may not be notable enough to warrant a separate article.
    o Local chapter articles should start as a section of the parent organization article. If the parent article grows to the point where it may be split to a new article, and notability can be demonstrated using the general notability guideline, then it can be split. This should occur as a top down process.

  8. Rebecca Cusic says:

    I will not be able to attend this Monday’s event (April 7,2008) but want/need to as I’ve re-entered the job market one month ago. What are some ways I might be able to learn from the highlights/major points from that event? Is there a summary posted somewhere, is it video-taped, etc.? There was a similar question raised at last Monday’s presentation – how can those who miss an event, not miss out at least on some of the basic information shared?

    Being there can never be replaced of course, and I would be most pleased to meet up with anyone who attended. socializing and networkingbut one of the main reasons I joined 40plus (second time). Thanks!

  9. 40plusdc says:

    Videotape copies of most of the Monday morning speakers are available for members to view in the office. This Monday we’ll be discussing resumes, developing success bites, and networking (all core themes in the 40Plus training). Sometimes a speaker will give us permission to upload their handouts on this blog, and we do so when possible.

    Let us know if you have a specific question, and we’ll do our best to answer it.

    Come by any Monday morning; you’re always welcome.

  10. Bob Guldin says:

    40Plus is now a member agency of United Way of the National Capital Area.
    We got our notice May 7 that United Way has accepted our application. So if anyone is donating or thinking of donating to United Way, you can send part or all of your money to 40Plus by including our “agency designation code,” which is 9349.

    BTW, we used to be a member agency for several years, but because of inaction our membership lapsed for a while. But we’re back!

    Bob Guldin

  11. FribiaTailurl says:

    Interesting place 🙂 Like it.

  12. joel811 says:

    We are gald you liked it. Come back often.

  13. Alan Burke says:

    On Monday I gave information about where to find Federal job information that was confusing. The normal job search site is USAJOBS; however, you can find much good information about Federal jobs on the site although you have to drill down a bit . . .

    Click on Jobs and Education,
    FWIW, I like to use the one of these older forms, OF-612 to help me prepare my application. I don’t submit the form because they expect a Federal resume, and much of the information is now submitted online. However, the OF-612 is useful to learn what information they are looking for, and prepare your responses. I use my PSRs as opposed to paragraph format, and I attained a job that way. I also like to submit as a separate attachment a table. On one side under Your Requirements, I list the KSAs, and on the other side My qualifications with my PSRs.
    Keep in mind that you don’t have to cut and past your resume. You can submit it as an attachment.

  14. Alan Burke says:


    I left out the address, and one of the drill down steps.
    Click on Government Jobs
    Click on Jobs and Education,


  15. 40plusdc says:

    Thanks for the info Alan. I’ve added the URL to our blogroll list under Gov’t Jobs Info and changed the name of the other to Gov’t Jobs Application

  16. Great Job on Blog and website. We are trying to get the Wisconsin 40 plus reengergized. I have the current information written below. The board and exective directors have recently been changed. Our group has been around since the mid 1970’s

    Dennis R. Cherne
    President 40Plus South eastern Wisconsin

    40+ of Southeastern Wisconsin
    Milwaukee, WI 53223



    Dennis R. Cherne

    President 40 Plus

  17. 40plusdc says:

    Thanks for checking in Dennis. Sorry I didn’t get this posted sooner. For some reason, your note was dumped in the spam folder. Best of luck with 40Plus in Wisconsin.

    • Unemployment in the mid-west continues at a pace faster than most people have ever seen.
      40plus Wi is developing teams of volunteers that are struggling to help the large numbers. This current business change is non-discriminatory. One area we struggle with is; helping people use technology to increase their network size. Contrary to popular belief we have found many young people (under 40) with very little technology skills.

      What are other groups seeing?


  18. 40plusdc says:

    In the past year, we’ve made an aggressive move to embrace web 2.0 technology and share that knowledge with our membership. In addition to the blog, we’ve set up an affinity group on LinkedIn, which I invite you and any of your members to join. And, we are now posting on Twitter. You can check it out by signing on as a follower. What we’ve learned is that online social marketing is an indispensible networking tool today for job seekers. But it takes patience and persistence to learn how to use it well.

    Good luck.

  19. Socrates & Cassandra says:


    I prepared two PowerPoint presentations dealing with age discrimination.

    While I hope to present them at a 40plusDC event, I would be glad to send them to anyone who asks.


  20. Ann Finch says:

    Great group, great site, great blog! Looking forward to my second meeting on Monday!
    Is there a 40plusDC group on LinkedIn?

  21. dvheffernan says:

    Hi Ann,

    Thanks for the kind words. There is indeed a 40Plus affinity group on LinkedIn, which all interested parties are welcome to join.

  22. Dick Davies says:

    Web 2.0 in Three Paragraphs

    Kent Hammer, CEO of, a hot sales improvement outfit, asked for a short (3 paragraph) piece on how Sales Professionals can best use Web 2.0 without having it consuming all their waking hours for the current issue of “The Hammer Letter.”

    LinkedIn (free version) is your personal website. Trick it out with photo, customized url, and any websites and collateral you want prospects to know. Break the default “resume” format to something that is interesting for your prospects (They really don’t want to start with your “title and company.” They want what you can do for them!). Change the “what are you up to?” box every week so all your links get a weekly email that shows what you are doing for others.

    The number of links are your power. When I saw that the real father of the Internet, Vint Cerf, has over 500 links, it was time to take action! The purpose of links is not showing off. They are very useful. Here’s an example: Recently, when the CEO of a federal contractor wanted to team with a software company that does neither online nor federal, he was repeatedly told the company had no interest. It took me three minutes to find the person in the company with the LinkedIn page that said “New Markets, New Products” and put the company in play. Our contact was a friend of a friend I had never met, but he was thrilled to get on our team.

    Groups – For outbound credibility, I join groups that interest me and make a point of either starting or commenting on two discussions a week. I offer something useful to others and am amazed at the stream of people who check me out and identify themselves as wanting to buy something. This post is an example.

  23. dvheffernan says:

    Thanks for the post Dick. This is great info for all job seekers and LinkedIn users.

  24. Dick Davies says:

    Planphoria Introduces Boost Tools at CMTH Technology Showcase August 11

    Planphoria has been selected to present our Planphoria Boost Suite at the Emerging Technology Showcase, presented by The Capital Management Technology Hub, August 11, 6:30 pm at Brio Tuscan Grill, Tysons Corner Mall, Northern Virginia.

    Planphoria Boost Suite is automated management tools that simplify and improve core business processes by leveraging Web 2.0 technology. Boost Tools are already producing breakthroughs for customers, allowing them to automate core processes including sales management, proposal development, project management, earned value management, and CMMI implementation.

    The Capital Management Technology Hub Emerging Technology Showcase features brief presentations from four emerging technology companies and a chance to meet with the principals of each company. Coordinates are: August 11, 6:30 pm, at Brio Tuscan Grill, Tysons Corner Mall. The event is free, pay for your own drinks and meal.

    Space is limited, so you must reserve to attend. Please email Dov Gorman at with the names and affiliations of your party.

    We appreciate your supporting us at this event.

    See what’s new!

    See you there!

  25. dvheffernan says:

    For those who may be wondering, Dick has been a Monday morning presenter at 40Plus. The event looks like a good networking opportunity for anyone interested in emerging technologies.

  26. Dick Davies says:

    Three Ways You Can Craft Better “Thank You” Letters

    “Thank you” to Kent Hammer for requesting this post for his most recent “Hammer Letter,” short posts showcasing positive ideas.

    Many of the “Thank You” letters I get are a waste of time, occasionally an embarrassment. That’s sad, because executed correctly, a “Thank You” letter can have relationship-changing impact.

    Three ways to increase the value to the recipient:

    Best is if you can send something that was requested in the meeting.

    Next best is to confirm something requested that you will be providing, including when you expect to ship.

    Third is to forward some information from a third party that will interest the receiver.

    As an example, I was in a meeting yesterday when my client said their biggest need was teaching the troops to sell up in their own organization. Today, I saw a wonderful post from Seth Godin on
    “Best new way to make an internal sale” –

    I forwarded it, mentioning their interest, and established I was both a maven and listening to the them.


  27. Dick Davies says:

    New Leadership Blog, “Through The Browser”

    Set up a new blog yesterday for some of my favorite leadership posts, including:

    “Moments of Truth – New Strategies for Today’s Customer Driven Economy,”

    “Quotes from Dune – Frank Herbert on Leadership”

    “Word Pictures – Phrases That Lit The Bulb!”

    Now collecting your comments!

    Visit Through The Browser and comment at

    Subscribe by RSS.

    Thank you,

  28. Dick Davies says:

    Web Video In Three Stories

    Video is a most compelling tool for communicating on the web. Here are three stories that molded my understanding of video.

    First Story
    Twenty years ago I bought a video camera and and small playback television to videotape participants in a sales class. The first time we did it, they learned more watching themselves than they had ever learned through feedback. And there was nothing for the teacher to do, since they were getting better instruction, that they liked and understood, and changing their behavior faster without me. That hurt for a minute…

  29. Dick Davies says:

    Please Welcome

    If you’ve ever thought of setting up a free Google Apps website using Web 2.0 tools, read this!

  30. Kevin Kelley says:

    This is to recommend the following 10/20 Wall Street Journal article for several search “jump start” strategies:

    Hope it helps you!

  31. joel811 says:

    Right on, the Journal is a great source of career ideas.

  32. Lorene Goins says:

    Last Monday I got to ring the bell. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay around to talk to folks because I had to rush off to another committment. What I didn’t say when I was talking about myself is that I want to thank 40Plus for providing the support that I needed to stay current on a variety of topics and providing the emotional lift I needed to continue my search. It is a comfort to know I am welcomed with open arms the minute I walk through the door. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks again.

  33. dvheffernan says:

    Thanks for submitting the testimonial Lorene and congrats on landing your new position.

  34. joel811 says:

    Once again congratulations, it was our pleasure to have you part of the 40Plus community. We have been here for 56 years welcoming everyone with open arms.

    • Lorene says:

      It’s been over six months since I started my job and I have had my contract extended until next year. I am in a job I like and can see the potential for doing what I love.

      Thanks again.

  35. Dick Davies says:

    The Alexandria Experiment
    Joe Shumard and I are planning an experiment to encourage the members of the Alexandria, Virginia Chamber of Commerce to adopt Web 2.0 technology for their businesses. Joe was one of the original Sales Lab Irregulars and now does Membership for the Alexandria Chamber.

    Joe found me when he was developing a tag line for the Chamber. He remembered my tagline and searched to see whether it was still being used. I was all over the page. That search and Joe’s deal-making skills produced this assignment.

    I think we are in a renaissance of how business is being done, and as more and more people use the internet for research, mastering internet marketing becomes increasingly important.

    We both believe …

  36. Bob Guldin says:

    Healthcare resource

    I encountered a new community resource in Silver Spring near Takoma Park that people may want to be aware of or recommend to friends.

    It’s a clinic that opened very recently – when I went in they said clearly they are open to people without health insurance. The clinic is affiliated with Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring. It’s located at 7987 Georgia Ave. in south Silver Spring, just south of East-West Highway. It is adjacent to the Health Sciences Building of Montgomery College, but is not part of the college.

    I don’t have info on the quality of care offered, but I will say that at 4 p.m. on a Monday there was no one in the waiting room, which means a person probably does not have a long wait to be seen.

    Its phone: 240-567-5600, Web site

  37. Abbie Blankman says:

    This might be an interesting follow-up to the 11/23 talk by Catherine Read, Social Media for Career Development.

    Smithsonian Lecture:
    “How to Survive in the New Media Ecology”
    December 11, 2009, 10:30am-11:30pm
    Lee Rainie

    Live webcast:

    Smithsonian Ripley Center, Quad, Lecture Hall,
    Rm 3027, 1100 Jefferson Drive, SW,

  38. Doug Rowe says:


    On Saturday and Sunday, March 27-28 2010, The Washington Academy of Sciences will hold Capital Science 2010. This event will be held in the Conference Facility of the National Science Foundation in Arlington near the Ballston Metro Station. The conference will serve as an umbrella for scientific presentations, seminars, tutorials, and talks.

    I attended this event in 2004 and found it to be a fairly good networking opportunity.


  39. Doug Rowe says:


    Free to all participants

    Friday, April 16, 2010
    10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

    Marriott North Bethesda Hotel and Conference Center
    5701 Marinelli Road
    Bethesda, Maryland

    Easy access by Metrorail: Red Line to White Flint Station

    Unlike other job fairs, employers are required to have a minimum of 3-5 positions and need to provide outcomes.

    Helen Thomas, Dean of the White House Press Corps, will be the keynote speaker. (I’d come just to hear her speak.–D.R.)


    This event is organized by the Jewish Council for the Aging.

    (I saw this advertised in a Ride-On Bus.–D.R.)

  40. Doug Rowe says:

    I am offering documents that I have used for job hunting, in both PDF and MS Word formats.


    I compiled the interview questions (IntervwQ) over several years mostly from college-placement-office materials and from interviews that I’ve had.

    The interview appointment form (ApptForm) is an implementation of what I learned from attending JumpStart at the Maryland Professional Outplacement Assistance Center in Columbia.

    The other form (JobLog) is a document that I composed for logging advertised positions.

    I am finally on LinkedIn after struggling for several months to compose a profile.

  41. Dick Davies says:

    Sales Lab’s Talk Your Business! April 28
    Talk Your Business – How to make more and better sales right away!
    You are invited to a free one hour presentation that creates better sales on the spot!

    “The brilliance of Dick Davies’ Talk Your Business is its simplicity. Easy to learn. Easy to teach. Anyone can do it. But most won’t because they get faked out by how easy it is. How can something so easy be so profitable? Good question. Better question is how fast can you implement what Dick teaches? Those who do will make more and better sales. Quickly.”
    Theo Androus, 17-year Sales Lab Beneficiary and Aficionado

    “I think first attended Dick Davies’s Talk Your Business in 1993! And I’ve been “taking my business,” just the way he taught me ever since. Dick teaches a simple and straight forward approach on how to introduce yourself and how to tell an engaging story about your work. It is easy and you understand what to do immediately. Dick is a great coach, he makes it all very easy.”
    Julie Perlmutter-founder of the Web Managers Roundtable

    “Talk Your Business is the best Ecomomic Stimulus package Washington has seen. It has inspired new business start ups, led companies to unprecedented growth and re-educates the unemployed.”
    Bill Van Dyke, Paradigm Mortgage

    “I’ve known the Big D for more than a decade. He describes himself as a loud and frequent speaker. He surpasses that modest description by being engaging, informative, and motivating. His talks are thought provoking and rich in actionable takeaways. Be there!”
    Gabe Goldberg

    The Talk Your Business is Wednesday, April 28, 7:30 to 8:30 am at
    Intelligent Office
    2331 Mill Road, Suite 100
    Alexandria, VA 22314

    Limited space! Reserve your place today at

  42. barbara halpern says:

    JOB LEAD. By Friday Sept 19th. I am only the messenger.
    Best way to reach you IT types…

    Okay, your response has been overwhelming..thank you… and it was also suggested I send them out to the here are descriptions for two of them..positions will be based in D.C. area, need minimum of Public Trust clearance, CBP clearance preferred – salary range between 90-110k. Thank you all.
    Migration Manager:
    The Network Migration Manager will:

    * Coordinate communication and cooperation between organizations
    * Analyze customer need and requirements
    * Provide oversight to technical network migration planning and implementation activities
    * Partner with network engineering team as well as customers at varying levels to build service level agreements and service targets.

    Technical Skills and Requirements:

    * High level knowledge of network architecture

    * Experience authoring business and high-level technical requirements

    * Ability to demonstrate strong communication and collaboration skills

    * Ability to demonstrate problem solving and analytical skills

    * 2-3 years of technical or business project management

    Network Innovation Architect:
    The Network Innovation Engineer is responsible for researching, identifying, and evaluating new technologies that will have substantial positive impacts on the enterprise network environment. The Network Innovation Engineer will also work closely with key mission areas within our organization to identify upcoming business requirements, and match them with emerging network infrastructure technologies. This position also:

    * Develops and generates conceptual, logical, and physical network architectures to meet upcoming business requirements, resulting documents and drawings, planning for testing writing analyses, test plans, and risk assessments to ensure sound architectures meet client needs.
    * Provides hands on working knowledge of a wide range of network technologies in a variety of environments such as LAN, Data Center. Knowledge and expertise across multiple vendors (ie. switches, routers, load balancers, firewalls, wireless, VOIP, and tactical wireless communications).
    * Participates as the lead Networking subject matter expert in the development of solutions in support of new business and mission strategies.
    * Researches and analyzes significant, complex emerging networking technologies that require evaluation of intangibles, such as downstream effects on customer satisfaction; assesses and evaluates current and future systems.
    * Demonstrates experience in leading a team that analyzes, designs, troubleshoots, and implements network architectures and solutions in order to best meet client requirements; leverages resources from different teams to ensure that customer needs are met.
    * Researches technological advancements to ensure that voice and data networking solutions are continuously improved, supported, and aligned with industry and company standards. Evaluates complex data or voice networking technologies to understand their potential and recommends future direction.
    * Evaluates cost analysis and vendor comparisons for large scale projects to ensure cost-effective and efficient operations, and measures feasibility of various approaches. Ensures adherence to model created and overall budgetary guidelines.
    * Recommends complex investment decisions to management and customers based on results of independent assessment of current and future data or voice network performance, stability, and network management issues.

    Technical Skills and Requirements:

    * High level knowledge of network architecture

    * Proven ability to lead innovative research strategies

    * Experience authoring business and high-level technical requirements

    * Ability to demonstrate strong communication and collaboration skills

    * Ability to demonstrate problem solving and analytical skills

    * 7-10 years of technical or business project management

    Senior Network Engineer:

    The Sr. Network Engineer will:

    * Perform Site Surveys of potential network infrastructure deployment locations such as network closets, data center racks, and server rooms.

    * Survey requirements for routing, switching, and WAN optimization/acceleration at each site/location

    * Evaluate site requirements and configure/validate the bill of materials comprising that site’s network infrastructure configuration

    * Work with the customer in advance to obtain relevant configuration information in order to ship switches in a pre-configured state

    * Certify switches for transport to the customer site

    * Install switches at the customer site and document the final configuration and installation

    * Work with the customer to migrate any additional configuration settings to the new switches

    * Assist in product evaluation, designs, testing, and problem isolation and resolution, monitoring, tuning, and setting standard

    * Design and document network topologies and site configurations

    * Direct network installations

    * Assist with plans, operations, engineering and installation of networks to new locations

    * Produce network configuration documentation and designs

    The ideal candidates will possess an entrepreneurial spirit. They will thrive in hands on role and in building strong relationships with employees at all levels of the organization. Experience will include a broad technical competence across key technical areas including network infrastructure, information security management, application development, and performance management. Solid analytical skills and the ability to drive multiple projects, including day to day tasks, concurrently is required.

    From: Cindy Mello
    Sent: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 12:13 PM
    Subject: assistance

    I have an urgent need to find three people for three open spots by Friday.. and can’t engage a contract recruiter..all are technical positions.. is there anyone out there willing to network? I am based out of California… but these positions are for our Reston office.. so don’t have a huge pipeline to pull from.. Thanks.

    Cindy Mello
    Human Resources Manager
    15707 Rockfield, Suite 305
    Irvine, CA 92618
    Office: (949) 297 4000 extension 1139

  43. Doug Rowe says:

    Organizing your Thoughts for the Interview

    In his book, Guerilla Tactics for the New Job Market, Tom Jackson recommends writing your questions for the interviewer on one side of an index card and, on the other side, the most important points that you want to convey during the interview. Rather than try to discern my most important qualifications, I summarized them as follows in preparation for an interview at the Census Bureau.

    EXPERIENCE: SAS, data editing, weighting, sampling, estimation, Federal, testing, technical writing

    KNOWLEDGE: sample design and selection, estimation, imputation

    SKILLS: solving problems through ingenuity and resourcefulness, adapting and applying methods and procedures

    PROFESSIONALISM: neatly coding and annotating programs; delivering results; streamlining, unifying, or improving processes; dedication; improving my knowledge and skills; maturity; memberships in DCSUG and WSS

    Other possible headings for categorizing qualifications and accomplishments include the following.

    My summary helped me to answer several questions during the interview, including “Why should I hire you?” without looking at my card.

  44. Giovanni Cappelletti says:

    JOB OPENING at Rock Creek Conservancy

    Posted by: “Joan Furlong” furlongjoan
    Tue Nov 15, 2011 7:19 pm (PST)

    Rock Creek Conservancy (formerly FORCE) seeks an enthusiastic,
    well-organized, detail-oriented, and flexible individual to support the
    organization’ s fundraising and communications program. The associate, a key staff member in our office of four, will assist with database management, donor cultivation, mailing and email list management, fundraising, marketing, social media, web content, and publications. This is a full-time position under the supervision of the Executive Director. The organization is based in Bethesda, MD. Occasional weekend and evening hours are required.

    Applicants should submit an email describing their interest, skills, and qualifications, with a resume and writing sample attached, by November 23, 2011.

    The email should be directed to Beth Mullin,
    bmullin@rockcreekco nservancy. org, with “Development and Communications Associate Position” in the subject line.

    A full job description with details of job duties and minimum qualifications can be found at:
    http://www.rockcree kconservancy. org/index. php/about- us/jobs-internsh ips/237- development- communications- associate/ or visit our website and look under “who we are.”

    Joan Furlong

  45. Bob Guldin says:

    I’m also going to post this to the 40Plus job line.
    Bob Guldin

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