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Here’s where we share our personal stories — how 40Plus helped you successfully transition to a new job or career.  Submit your story with contact information for verification in a Word document to:

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  1. dvheffernan says:

    Hope to hear real soon from the next bell-ringer.

  2. 40plusdc says:

    Here’s part of a recent note we received from 40Plus Life Member Larry Cardwell, who recently moved to Racine, Wisconsin. Larry notes that Racine is the international headquarters for SC Johnson, Inc which regularly ranks in the top 100 companies for which to work in the U.S.A.

    Joining 40Plus in 1996 was critical to my ultimately successful transition from being a federal executive to years of working in highly challenging positions in several regional nonprofit organizations in the Greater Washington, DC Metro Area. Many, many folks at 40Plus assisted me in making that transition — that I could/would not have negotiated successfully on my own. So, to say 40Plus made a difference in my life is obvious. During the time I was at 40Plus I was one of the course facilitators for more than 20 classes and subsequently became the coordinator for the Monday morning guest speakers program.

    Larry invites members to contact him about life in Racine, and we thank him for his endorsement of the 40Plus program.

    Larry D. Cardwell
    40 Plus Life Member
    Telephone: 262-456-6336
    3047 Ruby Avenue
    Racine, WI 53402-4030

  3. 40plusdc says:

    Here’s an excerpt of a recent posting by 40Plus Board Member Kathy Shuman:

    I went through the program in 2001 — the second day of class was 9/11! We soldiered on and it was a great experience. I have served as the coordinator for the Monday meeting speaker program twice since graduating and have learned so much from our speakers. It was a long and winding trail to my current job as a marketing communications consultant for IBM but it all started with networking at a Monday morning meeting. There I met a fellow writer who had applied for a job at Booz Allen so I did, too. In contacting references for that application, I talked to a former boss who needed me to come help her right away. I worked part-time there in marketing and public relations and 2 years later the company was acquired by IBM. Had I not come to 40Plus for the Monday meeting, I would not have found my current job.
    Kathy Shuman

  4. 40plusdc says:

    This success story comes from former 40Plus Executive Director Joan Morgan.

    40Plus gave me the tools and practical experience to make a successful and highly satisfying career transition. I came to 40Plus after 25 years in the financial services industry. Volunteer work on a number of boards including chairing one through a capital campaign and $17million building project had left me longing to move into a leadership position in a nonprofit but without a clear understanding of how to accomplish such a transition. 40Plus’ training program helped me repackage myself from a sole practitioner financial advisor to a nonprofit executive director. I received ongoing support in the search through weekly meetings with my job club which helped me practice my presentation and stay on course. Not only did I get an understanding of how to go about getting the position of my dreams but I was offered the privilege of serving as 40Plus’ Executive Director which gave me the opportunity to develop my skills. With that experience on my resume and up to date search skills I was able to land a job as an executive director of a nonprofit. 40Plus serves the experienced worker as an invaluable peer group in which to find support and friendship as well as an invaluable forum to expand your skills and make a contribution to others who are in transition while you make your way to a new position.

  5. 40plusdc says:

    40Plus Member Noluthando (Nolu) Crockett-Ntonga send this email early November 2008:

    Dear 40 Plus family:

    First of all thank you for your support during this too long time of my struggle to find a decent job. As I say, doing the job will be a breeze compared to FINDING the job. I never, never would have made it without 40Plus, so I am FOREVER indebted to the organization. Here are the details:

    CARE, Washington, DC (see

    The Policy Media Relations Officer will develop and execute strategies that leverage news media to further CARE’s pursuit of its policy and advocacy objectives. S/he will have a deep understanding of policy matters relating to global poverty, develop professional relationships with key members of the media, and in accord with CARE’s advocacy strategies, secure placement for stories and opinion pieces that affect public opinion leading to support from policy makers.

    One of the many things I’ve learned on this arduous journey is that I will never ever let my contacts get cold, because in actual fact it is due to an old friend who is PR director at CARE that I have this job. I did not contact her when I applied for the job online as it had been at least 10 years since we talked. But she somehow saw my application and put it on the top of the stack. The rest as they say…

    During the negotiation process I requested and they agreed to (among other things) two hours a week off for volunteer commitments. That means I can now attend the Monday meetings with some regularity, and I will NEVER stop going to Job Club until I retire, hopefully 10-15 years down the road from now.

    I will wait to ring the bell on Nov 24th the Monday after my start date which is Nov 17th.

    Much love to you all.

  6. 40plusdc says:

    40Plus member Allan Kellum recently submitted this Success Story to Executive Director Joel Sarfati:

    Hi Joel,

    Please ring the bell for me tomorrow. After being laid off January 6, 2009, I adopted a two-prong approach of 1) launching myself as an independent contractor and 2) continuing to look for full-time positions. I signed up for my LLC and put up a number of websites (such as advertising my services and highlighting my various skills. In my role as independent contractor, I joined a couple of business networking groups that have gotten to know me and my skills very well and who have increasingly provided me with recommendations that have led to new customers. I also started a monthly newsletter that I use to inform my clients and contacts about my services. The newsletter also provides some interesting general reading in each issue.

    I thought I was simply building my new business, but a business networking colleague recognized that my skills and experience matched those of a position that his wife was having difficulty filling at the Federal Reserve Board. I applied in March and will begin work May 24th as a Research Systems Analyst with a salary very close to what I was earning in my previous position where I was in charge of North American data management services for a laboratory performing global pharmaceutical trials.

    Especially after being featured in the AP article about older workers that also included pictures of 40Plus member Patricia McNally and her dog, I began to wonder if, at the age of 65, I would get hired again, but the networking and my continuous efforts to let people know of my work have led to success. 40Plus has played a valuable role in helping me on this path.



    Allan Kellum, LLC
    Web Developer & Data Specialist


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